Murder, Mayhem and Mystery

It’s Smashwords Sunday. Today, we are focusing on murder, mayhem and mystery. Here is a selection of titles from the Smashwords Murder and Mystery collection. Click over and give them a look.

Smashwords is an ebook distributor. They make if fast, free and easy for authors and publishers to distribute ebooks to some of the world’s largest ebook retailers, like Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo and many others. They get indie books into places Amazon does not. We think that’s worth a little support.


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An Elegant Solution to Murder

Gene Tierney in Laura“Murder is my favorite crime. I write about it regularly.” –
Waldo Lydecker, Laura

“I shall never forget the weekend Laura died. A silver sun burned through the sky like a huge magnifying glass. It was the hottest Sunday in my recollection.” This is how my favorite movie begins. These succinct words, spoken by Clifton Webb who portrays the charismatic writer Waldo Lydecker, are the tasty tease that draws us into an American film noir of cult status. On Sunday, Laura will be screened at The Tampa Theatre, a 1926 jewel that has been lovingly preserved by a dedicated group of local individuals. It is a rare treat to see a movie of this caliber screened in such a venue, a “movie palace”.  The screening will be preceded by a performance on the refurbished Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ, which rises and descends through a trap door in the stage floor. The movie will be followed by a question and answer session with a local professor and film buff. To say that I’m excited is a huge understatement – I’ve been waiting six months for this event. Continue reading “An Elegant Solution to Murder”