Smashwords Sunday: 2012 is History

2012 is about to be history and what better way to celebrate than reading a little history ourselves? Here is a selection of historical titles from Mark Coker’s Smashwords. Remember, Smashwords is your alternative to mighty Joe Amazon. As an independent author himself, Coker relates to the trials and tribulations of the indie in a way that eludes Amazon, so let’s show him a little support!

If you have a historical title we missed, feel free to put your Smashwords link in the comment section below.

Just click the covers to take a look or buy the book!


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Smashwords Sunday: Holiday Hoopla

Let’s face it, a good snowball fight will numb you up in only a few minutes and people can get a little cranky once the egg nog runs out.

Why risk any holiday unpleasantness? Books make everything better.

Holiday themes abound this Smashwords Sunday. Take a look at some of these Smashwords best-sellers and highest-rated books in the Holiday fiction category. Of course, this is a mere sampling of the bounty available at Smashwords. If we overlooked your holiday-themed book, feel free to post the link below. (Safe-for-work titles only, please) Just click the covers to take a look or buy the book!

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Smashwords Sunday Fiesta-val

With the holidays upon us, we cast our eyes toward the fun and family and food of the season. Whether you are preparing a banquet, or looking for new and different dishes you can implement once that new years’ resolution kicks in, Smashwords has you covered. This week on Smashwords Sunday, we feature cookbooks.

Feast your eyes upon some of these titles. There is something for every palate.

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Smashwords Sunday Synergy

Mark Coker’s Smashwords is a great alternative to Amazon for book-lovers. Coker is not selling boil-in-bag toast and camouflage snuggies. Smashwords is all about eBooks.

Joe Amazon sells eBooks too—for Kindle. If you happen to have Kobo, Nook, Sony or some other e-reader, well that is not really Joe Amazon’s concern. He’ll be happy to sell you a Kindle.

Coker himself is an indie author who experienced the same reflexive rejection from traditional publishing as have most of us. He founded Smashwords to help indie authors. The royalty percentage from Smashwords is far more generous than that offered by Joe Amazon.

Smashwords is not perfect. They have some areas of operation that still need improvement, but I do believe they have the indies’ best interests at heart. Can you say the same about Joe?

Let’s take a few moments today to spread the love a bit and support indie authors and Smashwords. Take a peek at some of these titles. If you see something you like, just click the cover and learn a little more—maybe even buy a book. Continue reading “Smashwords Sunday Synergy”