How This Author Became a Big Deal in Moulton, Alabama

rock star author picWhen my Andy Warhol appointed fifteen minutes happened back in 2012 and my book was topping the charts, I didn’t have to look for promotion opportunities. They found me. I was asked to give interviews, guest blog, even teach courses on how to self-publish. Some of those efforts helped me connect with readers and some did not. Among the requests I received was an email from a woman in Moulton, Alabama asking me to send her a print copy of my book. Sending out print books can be expensive and you often wonder whether it’s worthwhile. When my moment in the sun was shining so brightly that I could hardly see, I didn’t have time to research every opportunity that came my way. I just kept saying “yes”.

The woman in Moulton claimed to be a reviewer for a number of small newspapers in the area. She’d read the blurb of my book, saw that it was doing well and wanted to read it. But, she wasn’t interested in any of those eBook thingies. She wanted a print book. I suppose I could have got on the Google (as I heard it said recently) to verify her identity, but I didn’t have time for that. I was busy watching my dashboard change every copy of My Temporary Life I sold. So, I sent out the print version. And, I waited for something to happen. Continue reading “How This Author Became a Big Deal in Moulton, Alabama”

Getting Book Signings and Interviews

1492162_10152125585440546_1133363978_oYou’ve written that first book. You’re so proud of it. Now you want to make sure your public hears about it. What can you do to get some exposure in the ‘real world’ as opposed to on-line via social media?
Let’s talk about two that worked for me; book signings and interviews on radio and TV.

Book Signings:
I live in a relatively rural area, not a big city, but I think that this can work even in cities. When my first book came out I took some with me and travelled about to all the bookstores I could find within an hour’s drive. At each one I would gather all my courage and ask to speak to whoever was in charge about doing a book-signing. I soon learned that the person with the authority to make that decision is not always present. Lesson number one; call or e-mail ahead for an appointment with the owner or manager. It will save a lot of time and frustration. Also make sure you know the owner’s name and can address him/her by name when you meet. In a way, this is a job interview. Treat it like one. Continue reading “Getting Book Signings and Interviews”