Show Up

Over our gruel bowls in the Death Star’s break room (Kat threw some pumpkin spice flavoring into the pot for the holidays, thanks for asking, but oddly enough, it still takes like chicken), several IU minions recommended taking advantage of opportunities to promote ourselves and our work—and doing so in a nice, professional way, of course. Because you never know where these chances may lead. Recently I took advantage of one of those opportunities, but it almost took advantage of me. Let me back up a little and I’ll explain. Continue reading “Show Up”

Stop Me and Buy One!

Coming up with innovative ways to sell your books is a full-time job. I often resolve to give up my ludicrous marketing attempts and just get on with writing more books, but when my brain is having a day off from working on the latest WIP, I find it helps to give it something useful to do. Trying out new, and quite frankly ridiculous, ventures seems to do the trick.

Last week, I was fortunate enough to go on holiday. Hubby and I were celebrating an important event – I forget what it was now – which involved a trip to the Canary Islands. If ever there was an opportunity to sell some books, it’s going on a trip somewhere, where people are going to be looking out for something to read. So, I had a plan of action of what to do before I travelled abroad. Here is my madcap advice if you are bold enough, brazen enough and probably stupid enough, along with my results. Before you leave, you will need: Continue reading “Stop Me and Buy One!”