Not One Stinkin’ Dime

I decided to try an experiment. What would happen, I wondered, if I set-up a crowdfunding appeal on either Kickstarter or Indiegogo? I had written a post, Kickstart Your Indie Projecton Indies Unlimited in favor of Kickstarter, and my fellow IU writer Rich Meyer had written one, Mendicancy – The First Refuge of The Modern Indie, critiquing the idea of independent authors asking for money to fund their book costs. What better way to prove my point that people are happy to fund novels, and to gain visibility for my book at the same time, than to put together a crowdfunding campaign? Continue reading “Not One Stinkin’ Dime”

Video Trailer: Nimpentoad

Nimpentoad is a fantasy tale for children aged 5-10. The courageous and resourceful little Nimpentoad is tired of being picked on by the larger and meaner creatures like goblins, orcs, and rhinotaurs. So, he convinces his tribe of Niblings to attempt the journey through the perilous Grunwald Forest to a giant’s castle where they hope to find sanctuary. Thanks to Nimpentoad’s ingenuity and the Niblings’ teamwork, they overcome obstacles and encounters with strange creatures.

Nimpentoad, the children’s fantasy by Henry, Josh and Harrison Herz, is available from



Video Trailer: Daedalian Muse by Jamie Crothall

Tempus Fugit is an independent investigator of curious conundrums who was attempting to navigate his way through the 21st century, only to find himself attending to the fears and uncertainties in the remote English village of Greyfield. What they wanted was proof of spectral hauntings in the remains of a historical stately manor. What he sought was to rain the light of reason and rationale upon their panicked senses. The answer, however, may be neither of the two and something altogether unexpected!

Daedalian Muse, the paranormal humour book by Jamie Crothall, is available for free on Smashwords.