Taking Over The First Page of Google Search

Improving Search resultsAs indie authors, we struggle to get our name out as much as we can. However, what happens when someone is looking for you? Maybe they read about you somewhere online but can’t quite pinpoint the source? What do others do? They reach for Google. Continue reading “Taking Over The First Page of Google Search”

Link Building: The Basics for Your Blog or Website

Link Building Basics Link building is a method used to increase visibility and improve your search rankings. Without getting into a lot of mumble jumble, search engines examine the links to and from your site to assign it a certain ranking. Links aren’t everything in search engine optimization (SEO); however, it accounts for a large percentage of weighting in search results as shown in this survey by MOZ.

If you are interested in growing traffic to you blog or site, growing the link profile will gain attention, traction and traffic from search engines. In addition, the strength of the link plays a big role as well. Spam hits in your blog “comments” do not help in establishing links that matter (which is why you have a “nofollow” option in your settings.) Links acquired from your target community, such as indie writing or publishing, matter more than off topic links.

How do we go about link building? Here are the top ten basic methods to build links and improve your site’s visibility. Continue reading “Link Building: The Basics for Your Blog or Website”

Kobo Revisited

On March 6, I was fortunate to be in the audience at the Stratford Public Library when Mark Lefebvre, the Director of Self Publishing and Author Relations at Kobo, spoke at a panel discussion on electronic publishing. Aware that he would be coming, I asked my Indie friends if they had any specific questions for him. Continue reading “Kobo Revisited”

Google+ Claims the #2 Spot in Social Networks

The fix is in.

In the competitive world of Social Media, Google+ has moved ahead of Twitter as the 2nd largest social network, behind Facebook.

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