Taking Over The First Page of Google Search

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Introducing Hummingbird – Google Changes its Algorithm

Googles Hummingbird
Google’s New Algorithm – Hummingbird

Last week, Google announced that they have launched a new search algorithm. In fact, it’s been out for about a month. Did you notice? The new algorithm, called Hummingbird, is the biggest overhaul of their search engine in four years. Of course, four years in the Internet world is like decades for everything else.

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Google+ Claims the #2 Spot in Social Networks

The fix is in.

In the competitive world of Social Media, Google+ has moved ahead of Twitter as the 2nd largest social network, behind Facebook.

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Social Media and Search – Do They Go Together?

Things are evolving in the world of search. It used to be that if you picked a couple of key words and put the proper SEO terms in your post you would be set. Well, things are a-changin’.

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