A Bad Review Needs a Good Attitude

This Book Sucks Biting Book ReviewsOkay, so you read this book, it didn’t suit you and you’re upset you paid good money for it. Do you sit down in the heat of the moment and fire off the first barbs that come to mind in a one-star review on Amazon? Well, that may make you feel better, but sort of review is simply not effective. If anyone reads it, they’re not going to believe it. Everyone is aware of all the knee-jerk reactionaries and internet bullies out there, and if you sound like that kind of nasty, you get exactly the same reaction: “Click! Goodbye.”  If you want to get more of those coveted “Your Review Helped Another Customer” responses on Amazon, read over your review before you publish, and consider what your reader is considering as he reads: your attitude. Continue reading “A Bad Review Needs a Good Attitude”

More on Author Behavior

girl-429014_640 boxer courtesy of pixabayOne of my recent posts concerned a very public tantrum from an author unhappy that a book blogger didn’t like her book. In the comments of that post Lynne Cantwell theorized that reviewers were subjected to a lot of bad author behavior that never went public. She’s right. I’ll be quick to add that in my recent experience bad behavior is the exception, even when giving a negative review. I’ve had several authors email to say they’d had their book re-edited or proofed again, neglected to send me an updated copy, and that getting dinged on the review for a less than stellar job on the version we received was justified. I’ve had authors email to say my complaints were valid and they were using my feedback to up their game in the future. Authors who do their homework have figured out that a public fight with a reviewer never turns out well.

However, as Lynne posited, this doesn’t mean authors no longer react in inappropriate ways to bad reviews. This post is the story of one such recent experience of mine. Continue reading “More on Author Behavior”

One Author’s Approach to Reader Reviews

Fast typingI have a goal of commenting in a positive manner on each and every review a reader leaves on Amazon about one of my books, whether their comments are negative or positive.

Why? Not only is it a courtesy, it says something about me as an author and a person. My father brought me up to look at him when he was talking and to acknowledge what he said. I didn’t have to like what he said, but I had to respect it. I know now he was saying things for my own good. He’s gone now, but the value he instilled in me is still there. I thanked him for how he brought me up before he passed away. I’m glad I did, as he deserved that feedback.

That brings me back to feedback in the form of reviews. Readers, who supply reviews whether negative or positive, invested their time reading one of my books. They had choices, but I was lucky enough that they chose one of mine. The fact that they felt compelled to provide others with feedback is a bonus. Continue reading “One Author’s Approach to Reader Reviews”

12 Stars for the 12 Bestselling Books of 2012

Really not sure why I’m writing a column today…I mean, it is the End of All Things, right?

Well, anyway, since the year is winding down maybe even if the planet isn’t, it seems like an appropriate time for me to go back to the well I have gone to so many times before, and share with you some real one-star reviews on real books.

As always, I do so only as a gentle reminder that for every book ever written, somebody out there is gonna freakin’ loathe it. Continue reading “12 Stars for the 12 Bestselling Books of 2012”