Show us your stuff!

Would you like to submit a guest post, sneak peek or book video trailer to appear on Indies Unlimited? Check out our Submissions guidelines and query us through the contact page. Or you can call our assistant Jenny at 867-5309. I don’t recommend that though. Evidently she’s been getting a lot of crank calls and it has made her a little edgy.

As far as guest posts go, we are particularly interested in well-written content for our features Story Time, Airing of Grievances, Rhyme or Reason, and Getting it Right. This is a chance for you to show off your writing chops to a vast new audience.

Introducing Indies Unlimited After Hours Features

You’re up late and you’ve already read all the great daily content on Indies Unlimited. What’s an insomniac to do? Watch another re-run of Seinfeld? Heaven forfend!

Indies Unlimited is here to help. Our new After Hours is a group of features that will run at 11:00 PM Pacific Time on the blog. If you’re not reading one, then write one up and submit it or, better yet, do both.


Story Time

Story Time is an opportunity for writers to showcase their short stories of 1200 words or less. Stories will run with author photo and link to the author’s blog or website. All stories must be appropriate for a PG-13 type audience.

Rhyme or Reason

Guests may submit poetry for this feature. Poems of all types up to 30 lines on any topic appropriate for a PG-13 audience will be considered.  These features will run with a photo of the author and a link to the author’s website or blog.

Airing of Grievances

This is a humor feature (up to 500 words) in which guests place a snarky or witty spin on something that bothers them, in the world of writing or the world at large. Feature will run with a picture of the author and a link to the author’s website or blog.

These features will run 2-3 times per week according to volume of submissions. See the submissions page for details.