Featured Book: Kai’s Journey

Kai’s Journey
by Wendy and Charles Siefken
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“Kai’s Journey” is a story about a young man, set ten years in the future. Kai has spent those years fighting for survival and trying to find a way rid the world of the disease his father created.. His father was a military scientist charged with the task of perfecting a formula that would create a superior breed of soldiers. Kai’s father accidentally created a race of zombies. Like a virus, it soon spreads to the entire world, unleashing a period of unsurpassed chaos and conflict.

In the midst of this turmoil, Kai comes across a young woman named Clover, who is part of a clan traveling across the United States to try to find what is left of humanity. Clover is a part of a clan of werewolves who can turn at will but aren’t blood thirsty savages as depicted in general history. .

Along the way Kai and Clover come across stragglers who join with the group as they journey across the upper part of what used to be known as North America.

One night while Kai and Clover were watching a meteor shower they meet a group totally out of this world. Kai and Clover begin a heroic journey, fueled by the increasingly dim hope that somehow, the human race will have a chance to start over.


Featured Author: A.C. Flory

A.C.Flory is a science fiction writer who lives with her family, and a menagerie of cats, dogs, magpies and alpacas, on a 1.6 acre block in a bushfire prone part of southeastern Australia. During the cooler months she writes, landscapes her garden and enjoys living in amongst the gum trees. But beauty always comes at a price, so the hot, dry months of summer are spent checking her fire-fighting equipment and biting her nails.

As a writer, she draws upon these contrasts in Australia’s often harsh environment to imagine worlds where aliens must face their own battle with the elements. Yet even when writing about the most bizarre of humanoids, she uses the contrast between ‘them’ and ‘us’ to provide insights into the nature of human beings.

In her spare time, A.C.Flory reads voraciously, listens to an eclectic range of music, plays online games [mmo’s] and maintains her blog, Meeka’s Mind. You can find her at http://acflory.wordpress.com. Continue reading “Featured Author: A.C. Flory”