How to Turn Your Script into a Novel

author Karen SchiffGuest Post
by Karen Schiff

Let’s say you wrote a sensational screenplay. Or a must-see stage play. But you’re having trouble getting it produced. Maybe it’s time to turn that script into a novel.

I’m a playwright and I did just that.

Over the years, some of my plays were repeatedly selected for staged readings, but not offered full productions. It’s a common experience for those of us the theater world deems “emerging playwrights.” After mulling over my options, including chucking it all and becoming a Pilates instructor, I had an idea. So I hopped online and Googled: “How to turn your play into a novel.” The number of search results?

Zero. Continue reading “How to Turn Your Script into a Novel”

Pitching 101

Guest post
by Alesha Escobar

When you’re writing a screenplay, especially as an indie writer, you’ll agree that pitching your story to a potential audience or buyer can be nerve-wracking. The pitch ties into your marketing, your image, and needs to be engaging to open doors of opportunity.

Some writers hate hearing that. They want to just be put in front of the right audience, or right producer, and let their story shine on its own merits. No gimmicks, and no marketing voodoo. Continue reading “Pitching 101”