Storytellers, All

theatre facesOver Christmas, my husband and I were indulging in one of our more recent traditions, which is watching the Trans Siberian Orchestra’s DVD The Ghosts of Christmas Eve. If you’re not familiar with TSO, they’re a bit of a brain-stretcher. Their music is essentially heavy metal, but they are backed by a full symphonic orchestra. They are not the kind of band I would normally gravitate toward, but their DVD production was an instant hit with both of us.

In any event, one of their guest singers was singing a song (not your traditional Christmas carol) and I was listening to the words and following the story of the song and began to think about how we—all of us humans—are storytellers. As a writer, of course, I can easily say I am a storyteller. My husband is an actor, and I’ve realized that he, too, is a storyteller, albeit in a different way. No one can deny the popularity of books, TV and film, and all of those things tell stories. Our music and songs do as well, as do pictures, jokes, anecdotes, even normal conversation. When you think about it, is there any medium we use to communicate that does not tell stories? Continue reading “Storytellers, All”

Who’s your fall guy?

Author Vickie Johnstone

by Vickie Johnstone

Fall guys… ah, we all know about those. Growing up watching Star Trek (my dad’s fave – and he looked a bit like him!) with William Shatner forever getting his shirt ripped diagonally (in the exact same place every time – was there magic tape?), I knew that whenever someone we didn’t really know beamed down to the spooky planet of the week, he wasn’t coming back. But that was okay because we hadn’t really got to know them, and sometimes their death saved the life of someone more important or much fitter, and it was always much better than one of our heroes – Kirk, Spock or Bones – getting squished.

I was thinking about this while watching an episode of the second series of The Walking Dead. I love this show – it’s my latest addiction! Anyway, a character that I really liked got… well… how can I put it? He got dead-ed. Kaput. Squished. Therefore this person (I won’t give it away) won’t be appearing again. I went to bed thinking oh no! I liked this character. He had personality. I’d gone through nearly two whole series with this person, sharing his laughter, sadness, struggles, battles with the yucky looking undead-ed people, seeing what he had for dinner… the whole kaboom. And now… well, you-know-who was zombie spam. Continue reading “Who’s your fall guy?”

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