Four Tips to Beat the Summer Writing Doldrums

writers and summer_doldrums_picThe sun is shining, the kids are out of school, people are on vacation, and you are … inside writing. Cue the scratch on the soundtrack. That doesn’t sound right, does it?

In summer time, many folks, me included, find it harder to hunker down and get the business of writing done. There’s the distraction of the weather. Sunny days tend to call you outside to the pool, to a hike, or even just a walk down the street. There are also barbecues, family vacations, and just a general laid-back attitude.

So, how does one overcome the distraction and sit down and get their writing life in order? Continue reading “Four Tips to Beat the Summer Writing Doldrums”

Travel Tips for Your Vacation

I am given to understand that vacations are not completely extinct in some sectors of society.

Presumably, there are people who still travel for pleasure, and may even take their families along.

For writers, the challenges are many. It can be difficult to leave our characters at home, since they live in our heads.

The writer inside you will still be on. You’ll see people doing things and you will look for ways to incorporate or adapt some of those things into your writing. You’ll hear new words and phrases and possibly an interesting patois. There will be quirky mannerisms or speech tics. The scenery and settings will go into a mental file for later retrieval and use.

And, of course, the resort you go to will probably be run by a colony of vampires, or you will be drawn into some global political intrigue, or have to solve a murder case. The usual stuff. Continue reading “Travel Tips for Your Vacation”

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