If You’re Looking for a Writers’ Conference

writers conference meeting-83519_640Guest post
by Marian D. Schwartz

If you’re looking for a writers’ conference and you’re an indie, there are more conferences focusing on your interests today than there were when I last posted about conferences on Indies Unlimited in 2013. Well over 200 writers’ conferences will be held in the United States in 2019.

Your choices are broader if you want to attend workshops and lectures on the craft of writing than they are if you’re a self-published author who is specifically looking for ideas that will help you successfully market your books. There is no reason why a writers’ conference can’t offer workshops in craft and in self-publishing. Some offer a good balance in both, but many of them are tilted more toward one choice than the other. Continue reading “If You’re Looking for a Writers’ Conference”

PubSmart 2014

PubSmart 2014: Emerging Authors, Emerging Avenues
Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, SC April 16-18

PubSmart_logoPubSmart is an unprecedented gathering of publishing professionals, some of the smartest on the planet. They represent today’s broad range of publishing opportunities – self publishing, traditional, small press and hybrid. This is a new kind of event that puts an emerging author or small publisher in the driver’s seat and gives you the information you need to create a customized roadmap for success!

Early bird pricing offers you a $50 discount for either regular registration (just $345) or VIP registration (just $445) that includes TWO $50 master classes and $50 preferential brunch seating! Early bird registration ends February 1st.

Visit the website for full schedule of events, all faculty bios, blog posts about the conference, sponsor and exhibitor links, ticket ordering info, hotel discounts and more.

Indies Unlimited is pleased to provide this information as a public service. We are not affiliated with, nor do we endorse any specific events, conferences, workshops, or programs. Persons interested in participating are responsible for performing their own due diligence and research.

The Writers’ Conference

Guest post
by Marian D. Schwartz

The first week in January I received a brochure from an annual writers’ conference I attended over thirty years ago. Brochures from this conference have followed me from move to move, from the North to the South, and they have changed considerably since I first started receiving them. The staff fiction writers are no longer big “literary stars,” and the mention of editors and literary agents is done carefully, promising nothing other than their presence and some interaction with the people who are paying to attend.

The suggestion to enroll in the conference I had attended had come from a former professor, who had become my mentor. I had finished writing my first novel, Realities, less than two months before the conference was scheduled to start. I had also found an agent. By the end of my second day there, I had stopped taking notes at the lectures and had begun taking notes on what I was observing. I had never been in an atmosphere so intense, not even in graduate workshops I had audited when the professor/poets teaching them lost control of the discussion. Continue reading “The Writers’ Conference”