Writing “The End” on Your Manuscript – Then What?

Labyrinth-Quest-3D-Promo smallIt never gets old, does it – writing “The End” (actually or otherwise) on that current manuscript? Most of us have mixed feelings about it: elation, sense of accomplishment, relief – and letdown, or sadness. I’ve learned that these ambiguous reactions are common among writers.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I did this for the fourth time. I finally finished the first draft of my new novel. I’m a slow writer. It takes me about two years to publish each book, and this one was over 18 months in the writing. While I know many authors are much more productive, I’ve heard that even those who put out many more books than I do face those same feelings.

Aside from not wishing to say goodbye to our characters, there are other triggers for the more negative emotions. We know there is much more to do before we press that “publish” button. In my case I have about three more months before I can take that final step. Continue reading “Writing “The End” on Your Manuscript – Then What?”