Dear Indie Author: Please Write as Fast (or Slow) as You Want

write fast or slow pixabay clock-92130_640Earlier this week, Huffington Post published an article by Lorraine Devon Wilke addressed to “Self-Published Authors,” asking them NOT to write four books per year. It was a long article, but the gist was: no one can write four good books per year. Not you, not I, no one.

Horse puckey. I thought the indie community had hashed this all out years ago, but here it is again: the old “If you’re fast, you can’t be good” chestnut, raising its hoary head once again in the form of a clickbait article on HuffPo. Just because I don’t write four books per year doesn’t mean I think it’s impossible. I can’t run 100 meters in under ten seconds, but Usain Bolt does it all the time. Continue reading “Dear Indie Author: Please Write as Fast (or Slow) as You Want”

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Writing Tense Confusion

Writing tenses and terms The_Prague_Astronomical_Clock_in_Old_Town_-_8562
© Jorge Royan / / CC BY-SA 3.0

Every now and then, when I’m reading, I’ll run across something that makes me go, “Huh?” I’m not talking about the sort of full-on assault perpetrated by authors who don’t think spelling, punctuation, and grammar matter at all. I’m talking about the sort of thing that makes my head wobble a little bit as I frown and say, “Hmm. That doesn’t sound right to me.”

Take, for example, the use of yesterday, today, and tomorrow in fiction. Sometimes they just don’t sit right with me. And it’s always when the narrator of the piece – first person or third, doesn’t matter – is telling about something that occurred in the past. Continue reading “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Writing Tense Confusion”

Thrifty Thursday: Really Awesome eBook Deals!

Thrifty Thursday Jumping for JoyThat’s right, they’re jumping for joy over these awesome eBook deals – all the super hot free and 99 cent eBooks on Thrifty Thursday!

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