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Thrifty Thursday ebook dealsYou heard it here first – it’s Thrifty Thursday! And have we got some bargains for you! That’s right, here at Indies Unlimited each Thursday, we make it super easy for you to find hot free and 99 cent eBook deals. Make sure to tell your friends to come on over to Thrifty Thursday and check ’em out!

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  1. People Behaving Badly: A Collection of Short Mystery Stories
    John D. Ottini
    People Behaving Badly is a collection of thirteen short mystery/suspense stories exploring the folly of criminal or bad behavior.

    0.99 Kindle Countdown Deal – January 14th, 2016 (ONE DAY ONLY)

  2. Back From Chaos: Book One of Earth’s Pendulum: $.99
    By: Yvonne Hertzberger
    Four heroes, two romances, one traitor and one assassin – the goddess Earth needs them to heal her power and save their world.

  3. Amadea: One Spring in France
    Michelle Granas
    “A quick, entertaining, wonderful story”—Amazon review. Love and unusual friendships develop in a French village.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  4. Zaremba, or Love and the Rule of Law
    Michelle Granas
    Cordelia is disabled and painfully shy but is forced to take action when a stranger needs her help—an Amazon bestseller set in Poland.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  5. Swans Are Fat Too
    Michelle Granas
    A heartwarming love story between an overweight pianist and a disinherited prince in Warsaw—an Amazon bestseller.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  6. A Place to Die by E.D. Martin
    While working at her family’s bed-and-breakfast, a college girl befriends a fun-loving man in denial about his impending death.


  7. The Island Game: The Inside Story of Seaward Isle
    Joni Parker
    Seaward Isle is a mystery to all until journalist Olivia Richards uncovers the truth.

    99 cents

  8. Owl’s Eye View Magazine Volume 7 – Issue 1
    Terri DelCampo
    A dark fiction monthly featuring columns, poetry, and short stories written by Terri DelCampo and her ongoing fictitious characters.

    99 cents

  9. Tides Of Chaos
    Lori R. Lopez & Blaze McRob
    It’s a world gone mad. The Apocalypse has arrived. Can Elvie and Ed save the planet? Can they save themselves?

  10. The Destiny Formula: Find Your Purpose. Overcome Your Fear of Failure. Use Your Natural Talents And Strengths To Build A Successful Life.
    by Ayodeji Awosika
    This book is for people who know deep down they could be doing more and need some strategies to get where they truly want to be.

    $0.99 until January 21st

  11. At Odds with Destiny
    Uvi Poznansky, Aaron Paul Lazar, Christoph Fischer, Brandt Legg, Amalie Jahn, Suzanne Jenkins, S.W. Vaughn, Janet Morris, P.C. Zick, J.J. DiBenedetto
    Each one of the ten novels in this boxed set is outside the box! Open at your own risk.

    $0.99 until 01/31/16

  12. Behind the Curtain
    P.C. Zick
    Reality TV star and reporter clash until the sparks fly between them in Behind the Curtain.

    FREE 01/14 – 01/15

  13. No Port to Land (Law and Crucible Saga Book 1)
    by Ioana Visan
    Survival on a floating tomb becomes increasingly difficult when Law’s crew comes on board.

    $0.99 or Free with Kindle Unlimited

  14. Point of Origin (Law and Crucible Saga Book 2)
    by Ioana Visan
    Acquiring a new crew member might lead to discovering the best kept secret in the entire universe, or will it?

    $0.99 or Free with Kindle Unlimited

  15. Bonds of Steel (Law and Crucible Saga Book 3)
    by Ioana Visan
    When the fate of Law’s crew is left in a robot’s and IA’s hands, there are some tough decisions to be made.

    $0.99 or Free with Kindle Unlimited

  16. Beware The Mold
    Blaze McRob
    Zombies, gore, and a twisted sense of family values enrich each page. Come, feast on this story, and get your fill of twisted horror.

    99 cents

  17. Snowberry Blossom: A Snowy Short Story
    By Missy Sheldrake
    It’s Midwinter’s Eve in Cerion, and the Knight Azaeli seeks the magical Snowberry Blossom, which, if picked at midnight, will bloom throughout the year.

    Permanently Free on Kindle

  18. Moon Signs
    Helen Haught Fanick
    “Sister sleuths Kathleen and Andrea are a pure joy,” according to one reviewer–find out for yourself in Book I of the Moon Mystery Series.

    Moon Signs is permanently free for Kindle.

  19. How to Become a Millionaire
    Jacob Walton Jr.
    Everyone wants to become a millionaire, and some want more than that. This book will help you accomplish you financial goals, whatever they may be.

    My book is free from Jan 14th-16th

  20. Life First
    RJ Crayton
    Strong-willed Kelsey Reed must escape tonight or tomorrow her government will take her kidney and give it to someone else.

  21. The Case Of The Tattooed Buttocks: An Inspector Cullot Mystery
    by Alan Hardy
    Inspector Cullot is called in following the murder of two blonde bombshells at Bounderdales Mansion…

    $0.99 for this week

  22. The Case Of The Pinioned Bosoms: Inspector Cullot Mystery Series Book 2
    by Alan Hardy
    Following two brutal murders in the Swiss Alps, can Inspector Cullot get his man (or woman), and prevent a third or fourth murder?

    $0.99 for this week

  23. The Malevolent Twin: Pulitzer Prize Entrant for Fiction 2015 $0.99
    by Mary Sage Nguyen
    “The Malevolent Twin” is the story of a wayward wicked twin with destructive intentions.

  24. Space Crazy (Book One of Dar’s Adventures in Space)
    K. Rowe
    A young half-alien dreams of sailing the stars, and his mother manages to grant that wish.

  25. 1. Shadow Found
    2. Vanessa Calouro
    3. She is known as a heartless killer, a stone cold murderer. She never lets a bounty get away. The Vaisal Thief is as good as dead.

    5. 99 cents (always)

  26. Strange Luck
    Amie Irene Winters
    In a world where memories are currency, escape means getting out before you forget who you are.

    .99 cents for all of January!

  27. Women on the Brink: Stories
    G. Elizabeth Kretchmer
    Fourteen women facing life’s unwelcome realities and choosing which way to go; fourteen stories about freedom and self-preservation.

    Normally $4.99; Valentine’s Day sale price $.99 2/1/16 – 2/15/16

  28. 1000 French Words in Context: A Self-Study Guide for French Language Learners
    by Alex Forero
    This book features a comprehensive list of the 1000 most used words in French with French and English sentences.

    FREE until January 20th

  29. Lizbang: A Collection of Inspirational, Transformational, Spiritual Awakening, Personal Growth Fiction Short Stories
    by Shreya K.
    Inspirational stories that will leave you with a tune that you can hum in your daily life.

    FREE until January 19th

  30. Home Remedies for Cancer
    By Monica Sidoine
    The information is to be used for preventive health care and well being.

    Free until January 18th.

  31. Ziger the Tiger Is In Danger!
    By Robert Locke
    Great story for kids- teaches them about recycling and animal protection
    .99 cents for all of January

  32. LoneWolff: an Online Romance
    by Fran Seen
    Fans of MTV’s Catfish will adore this comedic romance about the consequences of lying to strangers online.

    FREE until January 23rd

  33. Step by Step Dividend Investing: A Beginner’s Guide to the Best Dividend Stocks and Income Investments
    by Joseph Hogue
    Stop Playing the Stock Market Game with the Only Stock Investment to Consistently Beat the Market.

    $0.99 until January 20th

  34. Affiliate Marketing: Learn How To Make Your First $1000 Passive Income Online
    by Ray Hamilton
    Discover How To Make Your First $1000 Online and Quit Your Day Job!

    FREE until January 21st

  35. A GAGGLE OF GEESE – A Flora N. Fauna Discovery Book
    by Jackie Francis
    Early reader picturebook on wild animals written by biologist.

    FREE until January 21st

  36. 1. In Their Shoes
    2. L J Higgins
    3. A collection of short stories that give you glimpse into someone’s life, showing you how it may feel to be them for just a moment.

    5. 0.99 cents (always)

  37. LIVE TO TELL: A Suicide Survivor’s Struggle with Depression and Anxiety
    by Ben Schwipps & Shelia Merkel
    Did you ever wonder why someone would commit suicide? Have you been touched by a suicide in some manner?

    $0.99 on January 19th

  38. Shadowed Promise: From riots in Bombay to the riches of Beverly Hills…
    by Sunanda J. Chatterjee
    A story of friendship, redemption, and forgiveness, “Shadowed Promise” is a journey from blind faith to triumphant love.

    FREE until January 21st

  39. It Happened One Morning
    by Joseph Inzirillo
    A random accident takes Paul Schrader from his life on earth to a strange world that seems like heaven….at first. 

    .99 current price, no end date

  40. Another Reason I Don’t Want to Be a Nun
    by D R Beland
    A Romantic comedy about Marge, who doesn’t want to be a nun. Too bad she is in training to be one.

    $0.99 until January 24th

  41. ReDivine Yourself: Want a better life? Learn how to start over with these simple practices for a fresh start.
    by Robin Williams
    Create your life vision by strengthening your thoughts. Learn to see life through brighter eyes with a new perception and a positive mindset.

    $0.99 on January 20th

  42. Disclosing the Secret
    By Vincent Amato
    A Dan Brown paced sci-fi action thriller that explores the idea of introducing an extraterrestrial presence into contemporary civilization.


  43. Fate of an Empire
    by Jonathan Pasquariello
    A gritty wartime fantasy with epic battles, devastating magic, and deep characters to anchor a dark and twisting plot line!
    Check it out today! $.99 on Amazon (Free with KindleUnlimited)

  44. * Shiver Cove, Part 1: Tamyra by TJ Shortt
    * A captivating young adult paranormal series – where real life problems don’t stop just because there are supernatural ones as well.

    * This book is always FREE!

  45. 1. Falling Stars
    2. Daniel Lee
    3. Two kids find themselves in the center of a sinister plot involving a ruthless assassin.

    5. 99 cents until 2/5

  46. The Hidden Monastery (Book 1 in the Last Prophecy Series)
    E. J. Dawson
    Captain Katarina Salisbury is tasked to save villagers, but finds something else instead; a mysterious monastery that holds a secret.

    99 cent book ALWAYS! 🙂

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