Book Promotion Site Survey for Authors

author book promotion survey checklist-41335_640Recently, we ran some articles about the decline of effectiveness of book promotion sites and we posted some performance statistics of some of those sites. These articles caused somewhat of a stir in the publishing community. Well done, minions!

One of our readers asked if we shouldn’t update our fabulous page of Book Promotion Sites to include a link to Bob Hammond’s article, but our fearless leader didn’t think that would be fair based on the experience of just one author. So here’s your chance, peoples! Let us know how YOU did with these sites by taking the survey below. You will remain anonymous, so there will be no chance of backlash for reporting less than stellar results.

  • Fill out the survey once for each site you used. If you ran multiple promotions with the same site, you are welcome to fill out the survey more than once for that site.
  • Only include your experiences within the past year so we can gauge what’s going on in recent history.
  • Please share this everywhere writers hang out (Facebook groups, forums, social media) so we can get a lot of data and make this survey really meaningful.
  • No login or credentials are needed. We’re awesome that way, aren’t we?
  • To take the survey more than once, when you are done and receive the “thank you” confirmation message after submitting, just refresh the page and a new survey will come up.
  • You have until February 29, 2016, and it takes less than two minutes to do, so let’s make this happen! (And a special thanks to BigAl for crafting this fine survey!)

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