Flash Fiction Challenge: Brian’s Blue Bouquet

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Everything changed for Brian when Sherry moved in next door. That summer Brian finally took an avid interest in yard work. Out of pure coincidence, when Sherry was sunbathing in her backyard, Brian would find the energy to mow and trim, unbidden by his parents. Being a good neighbor, he would offer to do the same for Sherry.

In the fall, he raked leaves with the same vigor, and in the winter, he shoveled the driveways. Brian always offered the same to Sherry.

Sure, he was only a seventeen-year-old high school boy and she was a nineteen-year-old student nurse, but she treated him like an adult. She’d invite him in for coffee – like adults. They would talk – like adults.

Come Valentine’s Day, he meant to make his intentions clear. He went over with a bouquet of roses in her favorite color. But something was different. There was a black Trans Am parked in her driveway. He could hear voices inside. Brian’s heart stuttered as his finger hovered over the doorbell…

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Sara Stark Wins Flash Fiction Challenge

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