Editing — Not for the Faint of Heart

editing-can-be-grisly-angle-88524_960_720So you’ve poured your life’s blood onto the paper and you’ve got a book you think is good. What’s your next step? Most likely, finding an editor. Lucky for you, IU has an extensive list of steps you could take and ways you can find the help and support you need. But giving your “child” over to an editor is a scary prospect. What if they don’t like it? What if they say you’re no good? I know; been there, done that. You’ve put your heart and soul into this and now you’re going to hand it over to someone who might well tear it to shreds. It’s frightening. But necessary.  Here are a few things to remember that might make it a little easier for you. Continue reading “Editing — Not for the Faint of Heart”