What Are Your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions?

you know you want more bob hammondThat dreaded time is upon us. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? Are they about writing? Education? Weight loss? Donating to Indies Unlimited? Ha ha. We’re such kidders, aren’t we?

Go ahead and let us know what your resolution is by writing it below.  Please keep it short so everyone has room. Bob Hammond stopped by and agreed to give us his as an example for you:

I’m going to share more this year by generating a whole new line of Bob Hammond items for indies. You’re welcome.

We wish you every success in 2018.

Some Book Promotion Sites Have Lost Their Luster

helpful bob hammondBob Hammond here. And just as I promised, too. I am living up to my new year’s resolution by paving it forward and providing all you little indies with tidbits of info to help you be successful in 2016. After 2016, you’re on your own.

In any case, this past Monday, Belinda Claymore – wait, my personal assistant just nudged me and said “Melinda Clayton.” I don’t know who that is. Probably one of my many fans. She can wait a minute or two while I tell you this very important information. Anyway, this Lucinda chick wrote an article about book promo sites losing their effectiveness. I decided it was time for me, Bob Hammond, to look into what Matilda had written to see if I could come up with some empirical evidence to either back it up, or debunk it. So, I had one of my many personal assistants who had run promos on some of my bestselling novels keep track of all the statistics. Because – you know that if there are no sales, it can’t be any of my books at fault. It must be the site!

About a year ago, I gave Judy my American Express Platinum card and told her to have at it. Now, today, exclusively right here on Indies Unlimited, we’re going to release her results. That’s right, I’m going to share my secrets with you, because that’s the kind of guy I am. Helpful. In any case, here are a bunch of numbers and dollar signs and website names that frankly mean nothing to me, but maybe they will be helpful to you. Continue reading “Some Book Promotion Sites Have Lost Their Luster”

An Indie Author Christmas Greeting from Bob Hammond

Bob Hammond flavored chipsThe holiday season is upon us and I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all you little Indies a fabulous – er – holiday season. I meant to do that – to prove a point. One of the great things about being an Indie is that you can go back and edit things after you’ve published them. Being an Indie is akin to freedom – freedom to publish whatever you want, whenever you want, and then being able to correct it, or not.

I’ve been hearing rumors that some of your books aren’t selling. Or not selling much. That’s a risk you take, you know, when you don’t have a name like mine, Bob Hammond, to precede you and generate sales. “How do you do it, Bob?” you ask. That’s Mr. Hammond to you, kid. And I’ll tell you how I do it – in fact, I wrote this book as a Christmas gift specifically for you Indies. Yes, I know, it’s benevolent of me and all that. That’s how I roll. I’m Bob Hammond.

You can read my uplifting advice to Indies in my new  book: Bob Hammond: All That and a Bag of Bob Hammond-Flavored Chips. That’s right. I’m delicious. And not only that, this book is chock full of inspirational quotes to help little Indies keep their chins up during these tough times. Watch out, Howie Hughes, I’m about to dethrone you as king of the Indies. And really, trying to capitalize on having the same name as that tycoon guy? Sheesh. That’s what pomme-de-terres are for. That was free advice. You’re welcome.

Like I was saying, I’ve got inspirational quotes just for you Indies, like:

  • Don’t worry, you won’t be a starving author forever – eventually you’ll die.
  • Once you’re dead, you have a shot at post-hummus fame. So, you have twice the chances to be famous!
  • Just think, twenty years ago, you couldn’t have published that!
  • Isn’t it great to be in control of your career?

So buck up, little Indie, and give yourself the gift of Bob Hammond this holiday season. What could be better? That was a trick question. Nothing could be better, of course. You’re welcome.

Bob Hammond: Paying It Forward

Bob Hammond That Thing I'll Never Do AgainSometimes it’s worth doing something just so you can say, “Been there, done that,” to know-it-alls. Well, I can now say I’ve been there: I made a site for indie authors, and I live to tell the tale. And, when it comes to paying it forward, I’ve now done that. It was the longest two weeks of my life, let me tell you.

I see the shock on your faces. Yes, two weeks. That’s fourteen days and a lot of hours of my life that I’ll never get back. But if I helped one indie author during the process, it was worth it. Continue reading “Bob Hammond: Paying It Forward”