Sunday Book Showcase: The Spark

The SparkThe Spark
by John Kenny
Genre of this Book: Action Adventure/Thriller
336 pages
4.8 average on 19 reviews

Searching for the truth is the most dangerous thing firefighter Donny Robertson will ever do.

The blaze in the old factory has left Donny physically and mentally scarred. And Fitz was dead, nothing was going to change that. But everyone is eager to put that tragedy behind them – there were no traces of arson and no signs of foul play.

Donny needs to regain his confidence and earn the trust of his crew and colleagues. It doesn’t help that he’s convinced the fire was no accident. Is it the set of curious coincidences, or is it simply Donny’s inability to let go of the man who had been his friend and mentor? And where was the line between loyalty and obsession? Was it worth losing his job, his home and his relationship?

As pieces of the puzzle begin to fit together, evidence and people start to disappear. By the time Donny realizes he’s over his head in a world of corporate intrigue and murder for hire, it’s too late. He’s become a loose end and someone is cleaning up. Framed for the murder of his last remaining lead, Donny realizes his only chance is to find and confront the person pulling the strings. It’s a desperate plan and it will cost him everything he has left.

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Saturday Book Showcase: Queen’s Gold

Queen's GoldQueen’s Gold
by Melissa Bowersock
4.5 Star average on 10 reviews
276 pages

Hal Thompson is a pretty ordinary guy. A widower who owns his own small business, he’s doing his best to raise his two nearly adult children alone. When they convince him to undergo a hypnotic past-life regression, he is unimpressed that his “memories” reveal the hiding place of ancient Aztec gold. Other people, however, take it very seriously and when his family is threatened, he is forced to plunge into the jungles of Mexico, battling treacherous terrain, lethal wildlife and the haunting feeling of a love that spans centuries. Can he find the gold before it claims more lives? Or will he lose the love of his life … again?

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Excerpt from Queen’s Gold by Melissa Bowersock

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Featured Book: Rebels Divided

Rebels Divided 150x225Rebels Divided
by Lance Erlick
Categories: science fiction, fantasy, action, adventure
Available on Amazon and Amazon UK

Geo Shaw is a young frontiersman from the Outlands, and a sworn enemy of the female-dominated Federal Union. Annabelle Scott is a Mechanized Warrior for the Union. When each is betrayed by their own government, they have to overcome mutual distrust to rely on each other in order to survive.

Featured Book: The Rebel Trap

The Rebel Trap by Lance ErlickThe Rebel Trap
by Lance Erlick
Categories: science fiction, fantasy, action, adventure
Available on and Amazon UK

Despite being a military recruit, sixteen-year-old Annabelle Scott rebels against her female-dominated régime by refusing to kill a boy she fancies. Her commander tracks her with auditory implants and contact cameras. The boy hacks the implants to plead for help. Annabelle is forced to make difficult choices with deadly consequences.