Blog Book Tours from a Blogger’s Perspective

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Last month Karen Wojcik Berner shared a post on blog tours here at IU. As I was reading, it occurred to me that a discussion of blog tours from the perspective of a blogger might be of interest and potentially of value for authors, whether they’re doing the hard work of putting a tour together on their own or hiring one of the many blog tour operators to coordinate the effort.

Personally I have a love/hate relationship with blog tours because they have plenty of positives for a blogger, but depending on the blogger’s perspective, a non-trivial list of negatives as well. I’ll start with the good. Continue reading “Blog Book Tours from a Blogger’s Perspective”

Things I Learned on My Book Tour by Marni Graff

Author Marni Graff
Author Marni Graff

I just returned from a book tour that saw me driving my car from my North Carolina home to Maine and back, visiting a loop of seven states in twenty-eight days. Of the nineteen planned events, seventeen occurred. I met many great readers, connected with cousins I hadn’t seen in years, and had a wonderful mini-reunion in my hometown library, selling my newest and my original mystery. Living out of my car for a month, here’s what I learned about what I did right and what I would change. (You can read part one of this series – the “before I left” post – here.) Continue reading “Things I Learned on My Book Tour by Marni Graff”

Have Pillow: Will Travel by Marni Graff

Author Marni Graff
Author Marni Graff

My Nora Tierney Mysteries are published through a Baltimore indie press, Bridle Path Press, leaving much of the publicity and marketing of my books to me.

With the publication of the second book, The Green Remains, I knew from past experience that a signing tour would be essential to spread word of the newest book to mystery readers had read and enjoyed the first, The Blue Virgin. In the best journalistic way, I needed to answer the Big 5: Who, What, When, Where and Why. Three were immediately knocked off: The WHO was easy- me! And the WHAT were the book events, readings with signings and talks about the novels, set in England. The HOW was easily decided, too. By car, packed up and filled to the brim with clothes, cartons of books and bookmarks, posters and postcards, and anything else a person traveling alone for a month would require. Continue reading “Have Pillow: Will Travel by Marni Graff”