Will a Blog Tour Work for Your Book?

Karen Wojcik  BernerGuest post
By Karen Wojcik Berner

Over the last few years, I’ve promoted my books with blog tours – six of them, to be exact – and let me tell you, each was completely different in both style and reach. Never done a blog tour?  They’re the virtual equivalent of the traditional book tour, except authors “visit” book blogs instead of stores to promote their novels. They are great for boosting your book’s visibility as well as for getting reviews. In fact, I just completed two consecutive blog tours to promote my latest novel, A Groovy Kind of Love. If you’re considering a blog tour, here are some things I’ve learned along the way that you might find helpful. Continue reading “Will a Blog Tour Work for Your Book?”

Things I Learned on My Book Tour by Marni Graff

Author Marni Graff
Author Marni Graff

I just returned from a book tour that saw me driving my car from my North Carolina home to Maine and back, visiting a loop of seven states in twenty-eight days. Of the nineteen planned events, seventeen occurred. I met many great readers, connected with cousins I hadn’t seen in years, and had a wonderful mini-reunion in my hometown library, selling my newest and my original mystery. Living out of my car for a month, here’s what I learned about what I did right and what I would change. (You can read part one of this series – the “before I left” post – here.) Continue reading “Things I Learned on My Book Tour by Marni Graff”