Writing with Collaborators: Interview with Author David Wood

Prolific Author David WoodQuite a while back, our own K.S. Brooks wrote about collaborating with the Evil Mastermind, Stephen Hise, on a book. I found the process to be really interesting, especially since the whole idea of collaboration is so completely foreign to me. For good or ill, my own process is totally internal; the only thing I might ask for help on would be physical details of the action (how a gun fires blanks, how to sail a sailboat), but nothing about the plot or the characters. I can’t even conceive of working with another person on a book; I have no idea what that would even look like. So I got to thinking about a friend of mine, David Wood, who collaborates with several other co-authors and does very well with it. Wanting to delve deeper into this mysterious process, I asked David if he would be willing to share his secrets of collaboration with us, and he graciously agreed.

MJB: David, I was going to count all your books and figure out how many are yours alone and how many are co-authored, and by whom, but I got overwhelmed by the numbers. Can you give us a quick breakdown of that? How many co-authors do you have, and how many books have you published with them? How many are your own? Continue reading “Writing with Collaborators: Interview with Author David Wood”

Collaborative Contracts for Authors

collaboration contract for authorsIn this age of cooperation among writers (much better than competition!), it seems like we see a lot more collaborative efforts. From multiple writers on a single book to multiple writers banding together to create boxed sets, more and more authors are finding supportive boosts from working together: the antithesis of the lonely writer squirreled away at a corner desk, writing in dim isolation. The only drawback (if that’s what you want to call it) is the added consideration of how rights are assigned and profits are distributed.

My brother and I have found that we feed off each other’s creativity. We’re both writers, but we differ in that he’s got the knack for writing screenplays, a fairly bare-bones way of setting down a story, while I write novels where I can expand and expound. Either of us, I think, would be hard-pressed to write in the other’s style. So we’ve worked out a way to combine our efforts so all the bases are covered. Continue reading “Collaborative Contracts for Authors”

Collaboration and Cooperation

Cooperative, Award-winning and Multi-published Author K. S. Brooks
Cooperative, Award-winning and Multi-published Author K. S. Brooks

As you may have heard, I’ve been accused of participating in a recent book collaboration with two other Indies Unlimited authors: Stephen Hise and JD Mader. I’m not prepared to confirm or deny that at this time. What I will say, though, is that one would think collaborating would be a natural thing for writers to do. In my case, when I was twelve-years-old, I received an award for cooperation in summer camp. It was a shiny green ribbon with gold letters on it. I still have it. Okay, perhaps I have issues. I’m a writer, so what did you expect?

Cooperative? Yeah, that’s me. But, I’m also highly opinionated. And impatient. And stubborn. But enough about me. Let’s talk about me some more. Because really, this collaboration thing was my idea. You’re welcome. Continue reading “Collaboration and Cooperation”