Everyday Writing Resolutions for Self-Publishers

writers cave cathedral-cove-1592274_960_720Over the holidays I’ve been sequestered in the writing cave. It’s been productive; in fact I finished the final installment of a trilogy I’ve been trying to put to bed for the past few years. When I finally came out of the cave, it was January 1st and you know what that means. It’s time to turn random thoughts into resolutions and call it a blog.

Be more selfish

We devote a fair amount of time to helping others. We coach, encourage, and share our findings with our colleagues but we need to put ourselves first. We need to build our own mailing lists. We need to hone our own writing skills. We have to build our own support groups. These efforts have to come first before we help anyone else. Keep paying it forward but consider being a bit more selfish in the coming year. Continue reading “Everyday Writing Resolutions for Self-Publishers”

New Year’s Resolutions for Indie Authors

indie author new years eve-1041737_960_720It’s so not fair. I can hear the other minions down in the death star’s lounge, setting up for our annual New Year’s Eve celebration, while I’m stuck up here in the writer’s garret, coming up with my list of resolutions for 2016. (Yes, we have a writer’s garret. Cathy Speight calls it the naughty step. I’d ask her why, but I’m not sure I want to know the answer.)

We have minions, and minion alumni, all over the world, so the IU festivities go ‘round the clock on New Year’s Eve. Melissa Pearl is in China [New Zealand?], so she kicks things off. Then TD McKinnon and A.C. Flory take over – TD always brings us a nip of something Scottish, even though he lives in Tasmania. Then it’s the Europeans’ turn, and… Continue reading “New Year’s Resolutions for Indie Authors”

(Belated) Happy New Year…and some author resolutions

ResolutionsHappy New Year to all you readers and writers! Yes, I know we’re three weeks into 2015, but it’s still the start of the year, and I haven’t been able to wish you all the best until now.

So, let’s talk resolutions (Lynne Cantwell made a few here). Do you make them? How did you do last year? Did you lose those unwanted pounds, find that new job, redecorate the house, read more books…write more books? Umm, more to the point, are you going to admit if those resolutions fell by the wayside in…er…February? Continue reading “(Belated) Happy New Year…and some author resolutions”

Resolutions for Indie Authors

2015 Resolutions for Indie AuthorsThank goodness last year is outta here. Some good stuff happened, some okay stuff happened, and some stuff happened that I wish never had. We won’t speak of those things here. Instead, we will look forward to the blank slate that is this shiny, new year.

Did I mix too many metaphors in that last sentence? Well, we’ll just add that to this list of Indie Author Things to Do Better in 2015, which I herewith submit for your approval. Continue reading “Resolutions for Indie Authors”