How I Didn’t Make a Million Dollars Running a Book Blog

No MoneyRecently Martin Crosbie wrote a post where he talked a bit about money, communes, and paying it forward. In that article he raised some questions about the fine balance between ethics, money, and the reasonable desire to make a buck or two. The article generated some good discussion in the comments. Another discussion away from IU about the economics of running a website made me realize that many people don’t understand the financial reality. This post is going to discuss this, a bit about monetization of a blog or website, and give a hint for what readers can do to support the websites they like and frequent. Continue reading “How I Didn’t Make a Million Dollars Running a Book Blog”

Book Blogger Spotlight: Random Reviews by Leanne

Leanne Herrera is the blogger behind Random Reviews by Leanne. She is a mother, wife, grandmother, artist and author. Leanne is also an author, currently working on her second book and reworking her first one. She also reviews and beta reads when she can. She says she is a fast reader and generally can go through several books in a day.

Leanne says she always loved reading. “The need to discuss books has always been overpowering to the point that I often nag friends and family to read the books so that we could discuss them. When I started my blog, I wrote about my life and the book I was working on. Then someone asked me to review a book and I realized that I could talk about books and help authors at the same time. I love that I can help and do something I enjoy at the same time!” Continue reading “Book Blogger Spotlight: Random Reviews by Leanne”

Book Blogger Spotlight: BestChickLit.Com

Charlotte Foreman runs the fabulous book blog She first began reading actual novels at around age 11 after a series of children’s books based on urban legends was published, although they’d now probably be classed as YA. Charlotte says, “They became the latest fad at my middle school and anyone who was anyone was reading them – they scared the pants off me, to be honest, but I slowly waded my way through them. A few years later my reading addiction was cemented after I read Flowers in the Attic by V C Andrews and ‘borrowed’ my mum’s copy of Jilly Cooper’s Riders.” Continue reading “Book Blogger Spotlight: BestChickLit.Com”