Scam Victims: Know the Law & Know Your Rights

Predatory Publisher Month at Indies UnlimitedGuest Post
by S.R. Claridge

Yesterday I talked about my experience with Vanilla Heart Publishing and three of the lessons I learned. Today, I want to share the fourth thing I walked away with: knowing the law.

Like so many scam artists out there, Kimberlee Williams of Vanilla Heart Publishing banked on her cunning ability to manipulate new authors with empty promises, lies, and fear tactics; but in the details of the law, the truth can be found. Publishing contracts typically fall under the heading of Bi-Lateral Agreements, which means both parties (the author and the publisher) are signing that they are in agreement with the terms of the contract. In essence, they are both committing to do what the contract indicates they will do. A Bi-Lateral Agreement is only binding in a court of law IF it is signed by both parties and both parties receive a copy of the agreement, containing both signatures.

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Copyrights and Copywrongs

Copyright logoI recently had the opportunity to ask Jared Spiegel, a New York based attorney with the firm Bowles Lutzer & Newman LLP, some of the most common copyright questions faced by authors. Many thanks to Mr. Spiegel for offering his time and expertise.

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