Postcards from Mr. Pish Featured in Conversations Magazine

Postcards from Mr. PishK. S. Brooks’ Postcards from Mr. Pish, the first book in the educational children’s series featuring the friendly traveling terrier, appears in the latest issue of Conversations Magazine.  A smiling Atavion Webb displays his copy of Postcards from Mr. Pish in the article “Twelve New Year’s Resolutions for Kids: Stopping the Self-Entitled Mentality.”

For unknown reasons, they rejected my suggested title, “Stopping the Self-entitled Mentality: What’s in it for You.”

For more information on Conversations Magazine, go to To learn more about the Mr. Pish educational children’s books series, visit

And hurry up about it. Mr. Pish is a dog, so every minute he has to wait for you to click is like seven minutes in dog-time.


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4 thoughts on “Postcards from Mr. Pish Featured in Conversations Magazine”

  1. Gotta love that Mr. Pish! He reminds me of Cuddles, a dog that lives down the hall from me. We call her the dancing dog as she spends as much time dancing around on her hind legs as she does on all fours.

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