LynneQuisition: Indie Author Day

Interviews by Lynne CantwellAs you ought to know by now (because we have run a number of articles on it), the first-ever Indie Author Day is scheduled for Saturday, October 8th. The event is designed to open the doors of local libraries to indie authors.

Allie McKinney with BiblioLabs, the event organizers, has agreed to take a seat in the comfy chair and give us answers to all the questions we’re dying to ask.

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An Interview with Lars Lundgren

Chick-lit, romantic comedy by K.S. Brooks and Stephen HiseAs you know, April is Mr. Pish month at Indies Unlimited. If you don’t know that yet, you do now. In any case, the novel Triple Dog Dare was inspired by the adorable pooch, so we thought we’d invite one of the characters, Lars Lundgren, to stop by for a chat.

Since Lars has a way with the ladies, we decided to keep this interview on track (not to mention PG-13) by having the Evil Mastermind himself make a rare appearance. It wasn’t easy to get the EM to come out of his bunker, or to get Lars away from his mirror, so please, pay attention. This is history in the making.

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LynneQuisition: Stephen Hise and K.S. Brooks

Interviews by Lynne CantwellWe have two very special guests with us for this IU Blogoversary edition of the LynneQuisition. Direct from the Nerve Center of the Nuclear-Powered DeathStar, and taking a seat in the comfy chairs (we had to bring in a spare from the engine room – it smelled a little funky, but a case of Eysol cleaned it right up!) are our very own Evil Mastermind, Stephen Hise, and his loyal second-in-command, K.S. Brooks. (cue applause)

Thanks so much to both of you for…come on, Kat, let the EM have the original chair….

Um, why don’t we just get started?

Stephen, I know the blog was originally your idea. What made you want to start a blog for indie authors? Continue reading “LynneQuisition: Stephen Hise and K.S. Brooks”

An Interview with Bad Book

Our special guest:

Carolyn Steele wrote an excellent post about character interviews. But what about the next level? I believe books have distinctive personalities. Each book not only contains characters but is a character in its own right. It has a voice, a cadence, distinctive quirks & tics, and it has something to say to the world. Like people, books need to both fit in and stand out.

While a book accomplishes this through the efforts of its author, it is also something other than a pale reflection of the author. In many ways, a book’s personality may be very different than that of its author. A book may be brash and bold and daring even if written by a timid, reclusive author.

So, if we were to interview a book, the results could be wildly different than an interview with the book’s author.

To demonstrate this personality theory, I have decided to conduct an interview with Bad Book. Continue reading “An Interview with Bad Book”