Featured Book: The Fallen

The Fallen by Lee French and Erik KortThe Fallen
by Lee French & Erik Kort
Genres: Fantasy
Available at Amazon.com and Amazon UK.

In a world torn from its Creator, a cranky Seer must survive long enough to save her clan from the grasp of a telepath who would have her gift for himself, no matter who or what stands in his way.

Book Excerpt:

“He is some sort of Mecalle nobility, yes?”

Stunned by the question, Teryk stopped and looked at her. “How could you possibly know that?”

“I am a Seer.” Normally, Chavali said this and people left it be, taking her to be what she said she was. This time, the statement felt a little flat, like she was trying to convince herself as much as him. Really, how could she rightfully call herself that when she hadn’t seen the attack on her clan coming? Why didn’t the spirits tell her it was going to happen? They were supposed to help her protect the clan.

He grabbed her arm where it was covered by her sleeve, not accepting the answer. “No, really. How did you know that?”

Like this, she was actually afraid of him.

What others are saying:

“There is deftness and wit to the writing, a light touch that ensures that even the minor characters are memorable” – turnerpage, Amazon Reviewer

Featured Book: Tears for a World

Tears for a World by Alexander FernandezTears for a World
by Alexander Fernandez
Genres: Fantasy
Available at Amazon.com and Amazon UK.

A bloody vein is the key to releasing the Creator from her 1,000 year incarceration. Bonded to the vein and hunted by a powerful sorceress, Marisylia must decide if the Creator has truly repented. The fate of the entire world rests in Marisylia’s hands.

Book Excerpt:

One woman caught Marisylia and carefully steadied her. She peered into the woman’s eyes, one friendly person amid the riled swarm. The lady smiled softly, then suddenly spit into Marisylia’s face.

When the saliva splattered her cheek, Marisylia stopped caring why the citizens acted like this. Whether due to fear of the religious power, worry that it would infest Three Fingers, or simply senseless anger, none of it mattered anymore since the time to quit had arrived.

All of her determination to succeed had been ripped to shreds by the crowd. Each hand that shoved, every object that struck, drained her enthusiasm. Her devotion to the religion had drowned in the woman’s spit. It was all too much. Marisylia didn’t have Milick’s iron skin or Shri Lilyn’s boldness. She had nothing, only the desire to run away and forget everything.

What others are saying:

“With solid writing and a plot that will blow the reader away, the author has set out a great start to a brand new fantasy series.” – InD’tale Magazine

Video Trailer: Crimson & Cream

Crimson  and Cream Crimson & Cream recounts an unlucky orphan boy’s adventurous tale of flight and discovery as he unravels his tortured past while securing his tenuous future. The murder of Eadriel and Elvar’s parents forfeited their birthright and sent them fleeing for their lives. The fugitive twin brothers were adopted by an underground orphan gang. During a risky foray, a sentry chased the twin intruders into an unfamiliar cavern. Lost underground, they encounter a strange beast that changes their lives forever, and starts a harrowing journey for survival.

Crimson & Cream by C.M. Skiera is available on Amazon.com, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and other online booksellers.

Sneak Peek: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

somewhere over the rainbowToday we have a sneak peek from author Derek Thompson’s memoir, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, I’ve Lost My Damn Mind: A Manic’s Mood Chart.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow will be the first humorous memoir about bipolar by a member of the Millennial Generation-today’s young adults. Blending pop culture references and cyberspeak with psychiatric terms, it combines a funny, conversational tone with a nonlinear narrative structure. The book’s humor, cultural references and Internet origins will appeal to Millennials, now entering their twenties and thirties, as well as younger Gen Xers. More than an account of coming to terms with a mental health condition, it’s a story of being young and feeling lost, dealing with heartbreak and still finding plenty to laugh about, no matter what happens.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow is available on Amazon.com, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and other online booksellers.

And now, an excerpt from Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Somewhere Over the Rainbow”