Fuel-Efficient Productivity for Writers Part 2

too many notebooks for author organization
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Yesterday, I said that I’d found a better way to keep a combination writer’s notebook and Capture Device (from GTD.) A way so simple, so elegant, so fuel-efficient that I can envision myself using it for years to come. I found the method on Pinterest. It’s detailed in this article in the English-language version of The Tokyo Times, which says:

This little useful hack was taught in Japan but it’s a bit messy. Also, it’s something most people will not find themselves doing all the time, but it may come in handy for the right subject. Continue reading “Fuel-Efficient Productivity for Writers Part 2”

Fuel-Efficient Productivity for Writers

IU notebook for author planning

There are tons of productivity systems to help us keep track of ourselves. Analog systems such as the store-bought day planners like Filofax, Franklin, and DayTimer are old favorites. Other analog options are the inexpensive build-your-own systems like Getting Things Done (GTD,) and the newer system called Bullet Journaling (popular, but it’s much too elaborate for me). Digital products are also available. Two of the more highly rated ones are Planner Plus and the Anytime Organizer. We can even find (or improvise) hybrid systems combining a little of both. Continue reading “Fuel-Efficient Productivity for Writers”

The Organizing War

organizeWriters always seem to be busy. Most of us have to work a second job to keep the bills paid. Granted I’m “retired” but I also have a 100 acre farm to look after, which means my time is usually at a premium. I’ve discovered the more books I write, the less I seem to stay prepared for impromptu marketing opportunities. And this is an important thing when you’re an Indie.

So what’s a busy person to do? It takes time to organize all our writing stuff. Not everyone has the skills to adapt specialized software programs to their uses. But even a simple Word document can save you oodles of time when it comes to promotions.

Admittedly I probably spend too many hours on Facebook. Scanning the posts, I laugh, cry, and occasionally find opportunities for free marketing. Why not? There are dozens of pages that WANT you to post your book links. Some require the ASIN, others want the ISBN, and most want the actual buy links to the pages. If you have multiple books this can be a real pain to get everything needed for a promo. Continue reading “The Organizing War”

Multi-tasking on a Tightrope by Sherri Cook Woosley

Author Sherri Cook Woosley
Author Sherri Cook Woosley

The laundry needs to be moved to the drier in about three minutes and I haven’t checked Facebook – I should be working on my author platform. I’m also kind of thirsty. Egads! Only sixty-four minutes until the school bus drops off my two older, wonderful, loud, children and I still have three hundred words to go. Uh oh. Twins just ran out the back door. Does the babysitter know? I should check. But, the rule is to stay in my chair during scheduled writing time. Just gotta stay. On one occasion when I NEEDED to pace I stood up, held the chair to my rear, and paced that way. No use having rules if you aren’t going to follow them. Here are six more suggestions: Continue reading “Multi-tasking on a Tightrope by Sherri Cook Woosley”