Push-Pull Between Old and New Writing Projects

push pull of writing and book marketing puppy-837998_960_720The last few months have been particularly productive for me. I finished one book in November after five months of steady writing. As I always do, I sent it out to beta-readers and otherwise put it aside for a cooling-off period. I did not re-read it or think about it, but gave myself permission to catch up on other things until I heard back from my beta-readers. Suddenly in December, however, I got an idea for a new book, and before I knew it I was pounding away at that. The new book wasn’t anything I’d planned; it just hit me like a tidal wave until I agreed to get the flow down on paper.

Then the feedback for the other book started coming in and I needed to make edits. Then I remembered I had a book signing already set for the near future, and I promised I’d have the latest book ready for that. Suddenly I was being pulled off the WIP in order to finish up the last book, and it was a real struggle. I had to get the last book finished and published so I could order books for the signing. But I really wanted to just submerge myself in the new WIP. Waugh!

Of course for us indies, this is the constant dilemma. Continue reading “Push-Pull Between Old and New Writing Projects”

Author #Hashtags and #Brand and #Content, Oh My!

author overwhelmed social media facebook-695108_640For several years now, I have struggled to learn what I need to know as an author in order to get my books under the eyes of those who might enjoy reading them. How do I find and use the advice of the experts and other authors to my best advantage? What can I devote more time to and what needs to fall by the wayside?

New methods of promotion come to us daily from an increasing variety of sources, all of them touted as the latest, greatest avenue for self-promotion and sales. Continue reading “Author #Hashtags and #Brand and #Content, Oh My!”

The Joy of Being an Indie Author: Using the Brain to Best Advantage

indie author brainThere are a lot of differences between us indies and those who are traditionally-published, not the least of which is the fact that we have to do (or at least arrange for someone else to do) everything involved in publishing and promoting our books. Traditionally-published authors have some or most of that all done for them, although the loss of creative control and the quality of those tasks might take some of the joy out of being cared for. Some indies might bemoan the fact that they have to wear ten hats and take care of all the aggravating details when they’d rather be locked in a room writing. Our RJ Crayton wrote about the miseries of self-publishing not long ago. Clearly, it’s not for everyone. For me, however, it’s the perfect blend. Continue reading “The Joy of Being an Indie Author: Using the Brain to Best Advantage”

Multi-tasking on a Tightrope by Sherri Cook Woosley

Author Sherri Cook Woosley
Author Sherri Cook Woosley

The laundry needs to be moved to the drier in about three minutes and I haven’t checked Facebook – I should be working on my author platform. I’m also kind of thirsty. Egads! Only sixty-four minutes until the school bus drops off my two older, wonderful, loud, children and I still have three hundred words to go. Uh oh. Twins just ran out the back door. Does the babysitter know? I should check. But, the rule is to stay in my chair during scheduled writing time. Just gotta stay. On one occasion when I NEEDED to pace I stood up, held the chair to my rear, and paced that way. No use having rules if you aren’t going to follow them. Here are six more suggestions: Continue reading “Multi-tasking on a Tightrope by Sherri Cook Woosley”