Writers Wanted? Guest Blogging Training

Little-Known Writers TrickIf you’ve been hanging around Facebook at all lately, you’ve probably seen this ad, complete with its clickbait headline. (Note: any ad whose title contains the words “a little known trick” is clickbait. But you knew that.) Sounds legit, right? I mean, everybody wants to write for the Huffington Post. It’s a huge name in online media, and having a post there gives you legitimacy (and, hopefully, eyeballs on your other work) like whoa.

I wondered what the little-known trick was, so I clicked. Here’s what I found. File this under We Do It So You Don’t Have To. Continue reading “Writers Wanted? Guest Blogging Training”

Author Tools: Blogger LinkUp

Being an indie author can be liberating – but it can also be isolating. Maybe you belong to groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Goodreads and more. In an attempt to get the word out to more people, you write guest posts for each other’s blogs – but in the end, you’re really “socializing” in the same circles. How do you expand that?

Author and entrepreneur Cathy Stucker started Blogger LinkUp for exactly this purpose – “to help bloggers get exposure for their content and find content for their blogs.” How does it work, you ask? Well, let me tell you, and yes, it’s free. Continue reading “Author Tools: Blogger LinkUp”