Babelcube: Translate Your Book for Free

babelcube logoFor authors and anyone in publishing, having books translated into other languages is a major expense. But Babelcube says its free service “enables book publishers and self-published authors to team up with translators and distributes their books in multiple languages globally.” It will put your translated book up on all the major retailers’ sites (Amazon, Kobo, etc.) and on numerous global sites, depending on language. Babelcube also has access to 300+ smaller regional and country sites around the world. Continue reading “Babelcube: Translate Your Book for Free”

Amazon and VAT

Euro_coins_and_banknotesAmericans who publish their books with KDP received an email earlier this month about VAT and how it impacts the prices of their books. If you were a lucky recipient of that email, you might have spent a split second wondering what it was about, just before your eyes glazed over.

VAT is the abbreviation for Value-Added Tax. It’s sort of the same as our sales tax here in the U.S., and sort of not. For the purchaser, it’s more or less a national sales tax. However, for sellers, it’s a tax on whatever they added to the product (or material or service) by what they did to get it in shape to sell. Here’s how Wikipedia explains it: Continue reading “Amazon and VAT”

Do you have a global marketing strategy?

Guest Post
by Birgit Kluger

Do you have a global marketing strategy?

Are you a self published author? One of the pioneers testing the waters to see whether or not they will lead you to new, unknown worlds? Preferably worlds where treasures await you?

Well, I am one of them. Early in 2012 I published my first novel via Kindle Desktop Publishing. Ok, I was probably later than others, especially if looking at the US market, but in Germany self publishing had just taken off. And still is. Which leads me to the purpose of this post. Do you have a strategy? One that involves not only selling your books in the US or UK market where readers speak your own language but in foreign markets as well? Continue reading “Do you have a global marketing strategy?”