A Gift from Us to You Courtesy of Melinda Clayton

self pubbing made simpleSeveral years ago, I wrote a self-publishing guide titled Self-publishing Made Simple: A How-to Guide for the Non-tech-savvy Among Us. My goal was to help up-and-coming authors avoid some of the pitfalls and tough lessons many of us have learned along the way.

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Building an Active Table of Contents

A discussion started here Tuesday on K.S. Brooks’ post about common formatting mistakes in print books about whether a novel needs a table of contents. I like a healthy discussion, but I like facts better. So I did a web search to try to find out whether Amazon requires a ToC in every Kindle book.

The answer is no.* The KDP Publishing Guide mentions ToCs in two places. It says here that an active ToC is recommended, and here it says that an active ToC is “highly recommended.” In neither spot does it say that a ToC is required. Even Amazon’s official Kindle Publishing Guidelines pdf (which gets very granular – CSS, anyone?) uses the word “recommended,” not “required,” when talking about ToCs. Continue reading “Building an Active Table of Contents”