Facebook Changes How Others See Your “Page”

Facebook changes courtesy of geraltThe ever-changing world of social media.


Whether we like it or not, Facebook is still the master of the interwebs’ social universe. Even so, a few weeks ago, we revealed the fact that less than three percent of your fans actually see your posts–unless you fork over the almighty dollar, or whatever currency you deal in (let’s hope it’s not Bitcoins!)

Just as our Facebook focus wanes, they go and make another change. On February 24, the social media giant made another change to their News Feed algorithm. That’s two major changes in roughly two months. Continue reading “Facebook Changes How Others See Your “Page””

Like, Fer Shur

Facebook LogoThose of us who waste hours a day on Facebook have a hard time understanding, but apparently there are people who have lives away from their computer, smartphone, or other electronic tether. Maybe … wait a second, a notification just popped up on Facebook. BRB (that’s be right back, for those who aren’t savvy about all these new fangled acronyms).

That Rich Meyer is a funny guy. As I was saying before I got interrupted, maybe some of you are too busy writing to spend much time on Facebook. But you still have a Facebook account and have setup an author page, right? Apparently some of our less Facebook savvy readers (you know, those people I talked about who have a life) want to participate in the periodic Facebook like fests we have at IU, but aren’t sure whether they are “doing it right.” So, in order to put some of those wasted hours to good use, I’m going to show you. Continue reading “Like, Fer Shur”