Facebook Page Updates: Spring 2016

facebook logoAccording to Facebook, over a billion people visit Pages each month. A while back, Facebook announced a new communication feature attached to Pages. In the past, the only way to respond to comments on your Facebook Page was to “Reply” back in the comments. Now, Page admins will be able to respond to comments privately.

Facebook announced this feature way back in August of last year, but apparently, it took a while to launch. In February, they finally made the feature available to the masses. So what’s the hoopla all about? Continue reading “Facebook Page Updates: Spring 2016”

Coming Soon: Changes to Facebook “Page”

Changes to Facebook PagesFacebook is changing their look again. This time, the “Pages” receive the makeover. Seems like they’ve been paying a lot of attention to the function and look of the “business page” aspect of Facebook ever since we started sharing here on Indies Unlimited.

I’m sure you are all very comfortable with the look and feel of your Author Pages by now. Well, say goodbye. This week, Facebook will roll out the new “Streamlined” look for Pages. The biggest visual change will be a one-column timeline of your Page’s posts. This means that your posts will appear consistent on your Page and in the News Feed. Continue reading “Coming Soon: Changes to Facebook “Page””

Facebook Changes How Others See Your “Page”

Facebook changes courtesy of geraltThe ever-changing world of social media.


Whether we like it or not, Facebook is still the master of the interwebs’ social universe. Even so, a few weeks ago, we revealed the fact that less than three percent of your fans actually see your posts–unless you fork over the almighty dollar, or whatever currency you deal in (let’s hope it’s not Bitcoins!)

Just as our Facebook focus wanes, they go and make another change. On February 24, the social media giant made another change to their News Feed algorithm. That’s two major changes in roughly two months. Continue reading “Facebook Changes How Others See Your “Page””

Big Changes to Facebook Cover Photos (but it’s a secret)

Facebook LogoBig news for cover photos on Facebook. As you may know, Facebook has very strict guidelines when it comes to what you can say, what you can do, and how you “advertise” on your Facebook Page. Of course, the reason was, Facebook wants you to advertise through Facebook ads!

However, very quietly, Facebook has dropped some of its restrictions; most importantly, it doesn’t disallow Call-to-Actions. Hold on, before you grammar police get all handcuffing on me, the previous sentence was meant as a double negative. You see, Facebook didn’t come out and say, “You can now do this.” They actually just dropped the language that says you can’t. Continue reading “Big Changes to Facebook Cover Photos (but it’s a secret)”