2016 Social Media Platform Cheat Sheets Part 2

social media cheat sheets social-1148035_960_720The need to keep your social media presence accurate and viewable is increasing every year. Optimizing your profile pictures and sharing the best quality layouts goes a long way to representing you and your brand.

This week, we continue our adventure through the maze of social media platform specs. In this installment, our 2016 Social Media Cheat Sheets focus on LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and … new this year … Instagram. The Instagram cheat sheet was supplied by our friends at Buzzoid, so a big thanks goes to them for wanting to educate our readers!

Unfortunately, each social media platform is different … of course! We here at Indies Unlimited are trying to make life a little easier. If you missed my last post, you can find the cheat sheets for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ here.

So, without further ado … the 2016 updated Social Media Platform Cheat Sheets for image size and general rules.  Each downloadable cheat sheet (just right click and hit “save image as”) gives you an overview of the best image sizes for each social network. Continue reading “2016 Social Media Platform Cheat Sheets Part 2”

LinkedIn Publishing Platform Provides Outlet for Blogs

LinkedIn Publish a Post programAre you looking for a way to get more eyes on your content? Do you want to get more mileage from your existing blog posts? LinkedIn is stepping up their game with LinkedIn Publisher. At the beginning of the year, LI selected about 500 “influencers” to publish long-form posts on LinkedIn. Now, LI has decided to roll out the program to all LinkedIn members. The roll-out is gradual and you’ll be notified on your homepage when you’ve been granted access to the publishing tool.

Here’s the good news … you’ll be able to use LinkedIn Publisher to republish blog posts! This a perfect way to extend the life of work you’ve already done. If you go this route, you’ll want to make sure to follow a couple of suggestions. Continue reading “LinkedIn Publishing Platform Provides Outlet for Blogs”

What’s LinkedIn Good For? (Not Much.)

Welcome to LinkedIn
Welcome to LinkedIn

When people talk about social media, a few sites pop up in the discussion all the time. You should be active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, they say. You’ll see suggestions for other sites – Goodreads, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram – but the Big 3 always seem to be Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Facebook and Twitter are almost self-explanatory. You post about your writing and your life; you meet new people and have conversations with them. And maybe those people will like your posts and tweets well enough to try out one of your books. Or you can join groups and meet new people – both other authors and potential readers – that way.

But LinkedIn seems to mystify indie authors. What good is it to have a presence there? What can it do for your writing career? Continue reading “What’s LinkedIn Good For? (Not Much.)”

More Social Media Spec Sheets – YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest

Let’s continue with our cheat sheets for social media profiles. Last week focused on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Today, we’ll give you the specs for YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

As writers, we know how to convey emotion and drama through our words, but media is stealing the show on the social media sites. Photos and videos are where it’s at when trying to get noticed.

I hope that these charts will come in handy. Just remember, as soon as you get this down, they may be obsolete as the sites continue to change to mimic and outdo each other.