Mothers Day Reads

Mommie DearestIn celebration of Mothers Day next weekend, let’s salute good old Mom in a literary fashion.

In the comments below, please tell us about your favorite book with a “mom” main character. It can be fiction, nonfiction, or children’s, as long as at least one mom plays a major part. Please do it as follows:

Title: Mommie Dearest
Author: Christina Crawford
Why: Um, seriously? Because no one should *ever* use wire hangers!

If you wrote a book about a mom, please don’t list yourself. Do the honorable thing and pay a friend to do it. (Remember, IU is a PG13 and Safe-for-Work site.)

We will turn the links into book cover images for you. Please don’t try to do that yourself. And, if you don’t see the book covers, please check your AdBlock settings. Thanks!

Sneak Peek: Mother, Murder, and Me

Today we have a sneak peek from author Sandra Gardner’s amateur sleuth mystery, Mother, Murder, and Me.

When Marabella Vinegar finds her psychotherapist’s bloody corpse, she becomes the NYPD’s perp of choice. Her recently deceased mother – the bane of her existence in life – comes back to help get her out of trouble and find the real killer. Things get even worse when, thanks to Marabella and her mother’s sleuthing, someone tries to kill her. Then another body is found and Marabella is thrown in jail, awaiting trial for two murders. After a second attempt on Marabella’s life, she’s terrified that she’ll be corpse number three . . .

Mother, Murder, and Me is available through, Amazon UK and Barnes & Noble.

And now, an excerpt from Mother, Murder, and Me... Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Mother, Murder, and Me”