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There is nothing like a mother’s love. And there is nothing that compares to the strength, determination, and tenacity of a mother trying to protect her children.

This Mother’s Day, Dream of Things presents three powerful and thought-provoking memoirs from three extraordinary women who exemplify what it means to be a mother. Each in her own way shares an inspiring true story of love, loss, strength, and survival. Their stories are very different, but the women are united in their determination to do the very best they can for their children. Along the way, they also serve as great examples of women who understand that you can’t live vicariously through your children – it’s also important to find and create meaning in your own life.

Everything I Never Wanted To Be

Leaving the Hall Light On

Swimming With Maya

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Dream of Things is a small press with a reputation for publishing quality memoirs. “Our goal is to provide readers with distinctive voices and meaningful books,” says founder Mike O’Mary. “These memoirs meet both criteria. They are meaningful because these books can change lives. At the same time, each author has a unique voice – the ‘fairy dust’ of great writing.” Dream of Things memoirs are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and elsewhere.

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Book Brief: Turning This Thing Around

Turning This Thing Around
by Keith Maginn
Genre: Nonfiction/memoir/self-help
Word count: 24,000

Turning This Thing Around is an inspiring memoir of overcoming personal struggles. This brutally honest, deeply personal account of redemption takes readers on a moving spiritual journey. Confronted with a myriad of obstacles–a debilitating arthritic disease, narcolepsy, anxiety and depression–the author was outwardly happy, but inwardly miserable.

Pushed to the lowest point of his life, Maginn shares how he gradually turned things around and used his experiences to grow as a person. Supplemented by heartfelt poetry by the author and with quotes from Gandhi to Dr. Wayne Dyer to Eckhart Tolle, Turning This Thing Around has universal themes that speak to nearly everyone, as we all must face challenges as part of being human. It is a self-help memoir of sorts: the author discusses not only what he overcame, but also how he did so–and how others can, too.

Unlike many popular memoirs on the market, this is a story that more people can relate to. Maginn was not raised in an eccentric family (Jeannette Walls in The Glass Castle, memoirs by Augusten Burroughs), nor did he travel to Italy, India and Indonesia, as Elizabeth Gilbert did in Eat, Pray, Love. Rather, Turning This Thing Around is a story of a normal young man’s resiliency when battling extraordinary circumstances.

This book is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Book Brief: Love’s True Second Chance

Love’s True Second Chance
by Jeff Dawson
Genre: Memoir
Word count: 50,000

Join Debbie and me for the love of a lifetime. From the halls of high school, to the joys of her accepting my class ring. Journey farther through a terrible break-up and the chance encounters in college where the wounds from the past still haven’t healed.

And finally, after thirty years, a reunification that will embark on the most intense love affair I could have ever imagined and the lessons in life, I had all but forgotten.

In the end, is “true love” worth a Second Chance even if it means a tragic end? The answer is an emphatic YES!

This book is available from Amazon and Smashwords.

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