Featured Book: A Little Poison

A Little PoisonA Little Poison
by Karen Magill
Genres: horror, occult, paranormal
Available from Amazon.

Julie and Santoro are back. This time the couple find the body of one of Vancouver’s prominent citizens in Stanley Park. As they investigate the crime, they are drawn into a world where nothing is what it seems and the two discover A Little Poison goes a long way.

Quantum: Event Horizon

Quantum: Event Horizon
by Zac McNabb
Available from Amazon.
There is an enigmatic secret that binds humanity together and is the basis of all world religions, ancient cultures, secret societies and modern civilization. Its foundation is both based in faith and science and can be used as a tool to save the world or destroy it.

Sam finds himself thrust in the middle of a new war between The Sixth Order and The Dominion who are vying for control of this secret. The Dominion, led by Marshall Vanth, now control fantastic new technology that will ensure their victory – and Sam may be the only one who can stop them.

First, though, Sam must determine what he really is…and if The Sixth Order truly deserves his help!


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