Featured Book: A Little Poison

A Little PoisonA Little Poison
by Karen Magill
Genres: horror, occult, paranormal
Available from Amazon.

Julie and Santoro are back. This time the couple find the body of one of Vancouver’s prominent citizens in Stanley Park. As they investigate the crime, they are drawn into a world where nothing is what it seems and the two discover A Little Poison goes a long way.

Featured Book: Shadows of Doubt

Shadows of DoubtShadows of Doubt
by Mell Corcoran
Mystery, Crime, Thriller with a touch of Romance and a Paranormal twist
Available from Amazon.

Have you ever been in far too deep to turn away? Detective Lou Donovan is convinced there’s a serial killer on the loose but she has no evidence to prove it. Every step she takes to try and solve the case brings her closer to uncovering a dark secret that will alter her world forever.

Book excerpt:

She proceeded cautiously through the burned out hull of some sort of outbuilding, possibly an old barn or corral once upon a time. Any trace of daylight was long gone, making anything five feet in front of her lost in the pitch black of the moonless night. Not a sound stirring, not even a shuffle from Vinny in the distance as she carefully climbed over a pile of wood that appeared to have once been a barn door. She could smell stale hay and kerosene as she ducked under a collapsed rafter, proceeding deeper into the ruins and trash. He was in here. She could feel it and she shut off her flashlight so as not to give him a spotlight on his target.

What others say:

“Her latest offering, Shadows of Doubt, is a mystery/thriller that challenges your every perception and shakes the marrow of your bones.”  – T. Hall.

Sneak Peek: Crazy Heat by Francene Ladue

Today, we feature a sneak peek of Francene Ladue’s gripping crime/suspense novel, Crazy Heat.

After twenty years of covert rescues, retired Air Force Special Ops vet, Bobby Egan is struggling to find his place in civilian life. Egan has spent the last two years working a dead-end job at the 24 Hour MiniMart in Tucson, but all that’s about to change thanks to friends and acquaintances, presenting some strange opportunities. It isn’t long before Bobby realizes he’s entangled in a dangerous triangle of romance, friendship and business. Everybody’s got an agenda they aren’t sharing with Bobby, and the only way out is to trust his instincts and experience, even if it means breaking the law and using deadly force to stay alive.

Crazy Heat is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online bookstores. Learn more about author Francene LaDue at her website, www.franceneladue.com

Here is an excerpt from Crazy Heat: Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Crazy Heat by Francene Ladue”