Book Launch Party – Before

It used to be, of course, that an author with a new book would launch said book with a reading at Barnes & Noble or perhaps at a local book store, a library or some similar public venue. While the launch might make some waves in the local literary pond and involve 50 or 75 people, the ripples most likely would not travel out very far unless your last name was King, Rowling or Brown. These days, however, with social media, a book launch can literally span the globe in real time and draw in hundreds, maybe thousands, of people.

I first got the idea to do an online book launch party after reading Carol Wyler’s article here. I contacted Carol with the intent to plug into the USB port in her brain and suck all the know-how out of her, but instead she referred me to the book How to Party Online by Janice Horton, which was a whole lot easier than downloading all that gray matter and then wading through to find the information I wanted. Continue reading “Book Launch Party – Before”

(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)

Online launch days are huge fun but they should also result in oodles of sales and, managed properly, may even propel your book up the Amazon charts.

With careful preparation this can be successfully achieved. You’ve spent long enough writing your book, so take extra time to ensure you give it the launch it deserves.

Many people try to tempt people along to a virtual launch by offering outrageously expensive prizes like Kindles or iPads. You don’t need to spend that sort of money to attract attention. Small prizes will do the job equally well. Bookmarks, badges and key rings all go down well. Check out your followers. Many of them have Etsy shops and may be willing to gift you a prize for a mention. Mostly, it’s all about the fun element. Continue reading “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)”