Launching Your Book – What’s Working?

book launch rocket-launch-67641_640As we wade into Fall and leave the sales doldrums of summer behind, it’s a good time to look at what’s working and what’s not working. Many sales outlets that authors have used in the past have become either less effective or totally ineffective. But, if you have a new book on the horizon there is good news. By executing a successful launch, you can gain enough momentum to earn consistent sales or have a strong enough initial surge that you can comfortably move on to writing the next book.

I polled a couple of authors recently who employed different tactics when launching their books. Some of their strategies were very interesting. Here are a few of their suggestions: Continue reading “Launching Your Book – What’s Working?”

New Book Launch and Marketing

Yvonne's book launch - 02So your baby is in the hands of your editor and you look at a blank screen asking yourself, “What now?” This is the stage that gives new writers their biggest challenge. IU is here to help.

If you’ve been reading the advice on social media you will have already begun to let your potential fans know the book is near completion. You’ve posted the cover on Facebook and Twitter and your blog/website. You’ve posted regular updates or tidbits there as well for the last three months – to keep the anticipation going. You’ve collected email addresses and organized them so you are ready to send out invites to all those who have given you permission. No? Don’t beat yourself up. I suck at all that, too – but now that my fourth novel is almost here I’ve been learning. So will you. Continue reading “New Book Launch and Marketing”

Book Release Checklist

book launch checklist graphicIf the wedding planning industry (and make no mistake – it’s an industry) has given us one useful idea, it’s this: the idea of a checklist leading up to the Big Day. Say what you will about some of the more outrageous line-items (personalized matchbooks?), but it’s a useful thing to have as you work your way through a complex undertaking with a lot of moving parts, like a wedding. Or a book launch.

I just released a new book, so all of this is fresh in my mind. Inevitably, I forget to do something in the effort to remember to do the thing I forgot to do last time. This time, I completely forgot about the ARC, so I had no reviews ready for launch day. Dumb, right? So I am making myself a checklist. Here’s what I’ve got so far: Continue reading “Book Release Checklist”

Are You Prepared For Your Launch?

rocket-launch-67641_640You’ve got a new release coming out and you want it to be a massive hit. You’ve arranged a publicity campaign and told everyone about it, sorted various events, planned a big online launch party and sent emails to the press. You’re pumped and geared up to launch this baby way into orbit. Just before you go racing off in a frenzy of activity, take a moment to read this little post. Publicity is good. You need publicity, but alone it is one small part of a bigger strategic plan necessary to give a book and author a better chance for significant sales.

While book publicity plays an important role in creating awareness, there are several factors that positively or negatively impact book sales in spite of your valiant efforts. In order to have the best possible chance of attracting media attention and potential book buyers, authors need to consider doing the following to set books up for the greatest chance of success. Continue reading “Are You Prepared For Your Launch?”