The Price Point Problem

Now that you have finished your magnum opus, you are faced with the dilemma all independent authors must address. How do you decide the price for your masterpiece?

Traditionally-published authors don’t have to worry their pretty little heads about such things. Their publishers set the price, just as they also lift the burden of selecting cover art and distribution channels.

Indie authors have to do all that for ourselves. With print books, you know you have to set the price over the cost of production. At least you have a beginning point.

With your eBooks, you have to weigh the supposed virtues of the KDP Select program against whatever you could make if you risk testing the market appetite with some sort of price. Continue reading “The Price Point Problem”

What Comes After Free?

Many years ago, I read an article that asked what I thought was a provocative question: What will come after television? I had never considered the question, of course. I was born in the television generation and took for granted that the medium would always be around. Once the question was asked, I could see how television was really no different than any of the other technologies, all of which are eventually replaced with something else.

The same question can really be asked of any innovation. What will come next? What will make this obsolete? Continue reading “What Comes After Free?”

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