The Accidental Non-Linear Series

Typewriter - Once upon a timeIn the past, I’ve written standalone novels and never seriously considered releasing sequels to any of them. But every time another writing colleague published another installment in his or her series, gaining in sales and readership, a little voice in my head said: I gotta write one of those someday. Continue reading “The Accidental Non-Linear Series”

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Done

For the first time in months, my desk is clean. Not “clean” in the sense of “dusted,” mind you – let’s not get crazy here. But I’ve put away all the papers I used as reference material for writing my urban fantasy series: the pocket calendar; the Wikipedia printouts (some more accurate than others); the rough outline that I followed, more or less, for the last book; and so on. It’s all back in the file folder that I labeled “Notes for Book 5” back before I had a working title for book 5 and never bothered to change, even after I decided the book would be called Annealed.

It’s a curious feeling, to be done writing a series of novels. My original goal was to write an urban fantasy novel – just one! But then I thought, why not make it a series? And if I structured the series on the concept of a Native American medicine wheel, I would have five books: one for each cardinal direction, and one for the heart of the wheel. So that’s what I decided to do.

And now I’m done. Continue reading “The Unbearable Lightness of Being Done”