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Most of us spend a good chunk of our time interacting with the world through social media. Various platforms abound and new ones seem to bubble up to the surface almost daily. Many people use multiple platforms, but we suspect we each have one that is our favorite. Hopefully, we spend the most time on the social network that gives us the biggest return for our investment of time and energy. We’d like to know which platform that is for you.

Tell us, from among the choices listed, which is your preferred social media platform:

My favorite social media program is:

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Tutorial: Socl

Our Jim Devitt wrote an introductory post about a new social media platform called Socl. If you missed Jim’s post, you can read it here. Personally, I’m not crazy about any platform that only gives you options to sign in through other social media outlets. I don’t like giving apps access to my Facebook account. But that’s just me. Being a photographer, I figured this was a platform I should check out, so I sucked it up and signed up for Socl. You’re welcome.

Once you’ve given Socl permission to violate you, I mean access you, through Facebook or WindowsLive, you’re good to go. Now you should set up your profile. At the top of the screen, you’ll see the word “me.” Go ahead and click on that and it will bring you to the profile screen at left. Then, click on settings (pink arrow). Continue reading “Tutorial: Socl”

Is it Time to Get Socl?

It’s that time of year again! Snow is falling, shoppers are bustling and a new social media platform has surfaced.

Just what we needed, right?

Well, since it’s the holidays and you might have a little down time, here’s a new one for you to play with … Socl.

Pronounced social, this new platform allows you to express and share your ideas through collages of images, links, captions and videos. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Continue reading “Is it Time to Get Socl?”