9 Things Authors Aren’t Doing (And Should Be Doing)

checklist tips-4235819_960_720At BookDoggy, we often receive submissions from authors that are missing important items which could totally help them connect with more readers. We’ve put together a rant, I mean a list of things that drive us crazy, I mean things that will help you. Anyway, here it is.

1.       Do you write books in a series? Continue reading “9 Things Authors Aren’t Doing (And Should Be Doing)”

Short Stories: Ten Tips to Get Writing

short stories once-upon-a-time-719174_640In my last post, we discussed Ten Reasons (+1) to Write Short Stories. This week, we’ll dive into some tips on how to craft a solid short story. Short stories are a different animal. You don’t have 70,000 words to paint a picture, build back-story, or play out the action. However, you must still incorporate all the components of good fiction. Theme, plot, protagonists, antagonists, concept must intertwine to bring impact to your story.

Most short stories tend to be 3,500 words or less. That’s not a lot of words if you’re used to writing lengthy prose. You have to make every word count. While there are no “rules” to writing short stories, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your short fiction pieces. Continue reading “Short Stories: Ten Tips to Get Writing”

Ten Reasons to Write Short Stories

short stories once-upon-a-time-719174_640Short stories are everywhere, but how do you know if you should be taking time away from your novel to hammer out a couple of short fiction pieces? For the most part, short stories are not very lucrative. If you’ve published a couple of novels, it might even be harder to look at short stories as the best use of your time.

If you’re on the fence, here are a few reasons you might want to consider adding short stories to your repertoire. Continue reading “Ten Reasons to Write Short Stories”

Top Ten Things an Author Should (or Shouldn’t) Do

Come, my friend, sit with me. Let me share the knowledge that the elders so freely gave to me when it was my turn to sit in that chair.

Let us hold our candles aloft and together we’ll part the darkness and find some wisdom amongst this lunacy. We’ll ignore the far off chatter from Goodreads, and we’ll disregard the smoke from the fires burning in the warring camps of Facebook groups.

I’ll unroll the parchment and together we’ll study these teachings and learn what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Continue reading “Top Ten Things an Author Should (or Shouldn’t) Do”

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