Why We Write: Validation and Satisfaction

rainbowI got to thinking about why we writers write. Why we publish. I was actually watching golf. I know, most people would rather watch paint dry. Bear with me. Jim Furyk, a compatriot Arizona golfer, has played twenty tournaments this year, and has been in the top 25 a total of seventeen times. Ten of those times he’s finished in the top 10, and he’s had three 2nd place finishes, but he has not won at all this year. He’s won a ton of money, yet I have a feeling that it all pales next to that big goose egg in the win column.

It got me to thinking: why do we write? What rewards to we get? The way I see it, there are three factors that can validate our writing and bring satisfaction to us. Continue reading “Why We Write: Validation and Satisfaction”

Do Write and Fear Naught

In the community of authors, there are those for whom writing is in their souls. It is who they are, what they do. For some, writing is a calling. I respect that. I think there is something noble in it. I will leave it to those who share that level of passion for writing to explain it in their own words, because that’s not me.

My nature is that of an entertainer. I like to provoke discussion, thought, reflection or laughter in others. For me, telling or writing stories is one way to do that. In order to accomplish that, it is not enough to write; what I write must be read by others. On some level, I think that is why everyone writes. When someone announces that they wish to speak, they are not actually saying they want to utter words – they could do that anytime. What they mean is that they wish to be heard. Continue reading “Do Write and Fear Naught”

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